Billy Yeager’s Garden Symphony was written and recorded in 2007, in Palm Beach, Florida, on a piano that Billy placed outdoors in his garden.


He tuned the piano to a higher consciousness wave frequency musical tuning that he created during his experiments on sacred geometry.

The symphony was never transcribed to sheet music, because Billy cannot read or write music; instead he memorized the whole musical composition.

The symphony was developed over a 3-year period.


Everyday Billy and Anais would meditate on their high-ideals they wanted to become and would enter the garden as a sanctuary with a reverence for life.

During this time Billy and Anais were dedicating themselves to an intense body, mind, and spiritual training regimen to prepare for the filming of Jesus of Malibu which took over 7 years to complete.


Billy and Anais would rise early to sungaze (staring at the sun) every morning for 33 minutes.

They would fast regularly and spend many hours researching and studying many different subjects, the symphony was recorded after a 14-day water fast.

The complete symphony is 79 minutes in length and was recorded in one take.

The piano was recorded first, with 2 microphones capturing not only the piano, but also the crickets that were chirping in the trees.

All strings, cellos, flutes, French horns and symphonic musical arrangements were recorded after the piano track was laid down.

Because all instruments, except the piano, were recorded using an inexpensive Casio electronic keyboard, you would assume this would diminish the authenticity and high quality sound of a well orchestrated symphony, however, you would be mistaken. Billy Yeager added a certain element of gigantic proportions by recording the keyboard in his own reverb chamber that he invented. Yeager also wanted the music to sound nostalgic and timeless and he decided to record the symphony in analog using his small 4- track recorder, with the intention of transferring the music tracks onto vinyl.


Billy Yeager invested 3 years composing each of the 19 movements in his head. The timing of each instrument, contour, dissonance, sonata-rondo, crescendo, everything that you would expect from a Dvorak, Hovhaness, Milhaud or DeBussy symphonic piece resides in Yeager’s Garden Symphony .

The Garden Symphony is a musical piece of rhapsodic beauty with noble power, illustrating an illustrious tapestry of expansive sound and dimension; you may find the music to induce a religious experience, graceful, compelling, inspiring, profound and transcendental.